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YDX steel wooden keel and YDX alloy keel replace wood square for new building formwork support
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At present, in the field of formwork support, the structure of steel pipe fastener and wood square is mainly adopted. This kind of supporting structure is cumbersome to operate, with large deflection and construction quantities, low construction efficiency, high labor cost, a large amount of wood nails and wires, and low reuse rate. According to the statistical report of the National Bureau of Statistics, in the first three quarters of 2016, the construction area of the construction industry and enterprise houses in China was 3.197 billion square meters. With civil and incomplete statistics, if the loss of timber per square meter is calculated as 5‰, about 100 million cubic meters of timber will be lost! What an amazing number! China's forest resources are becoming increasingly scarce, and the contradiction between domestic timber supply and demand is becoming increasingly prominent, so it is imperative to save and replace timber. The new building formwork support has the following advantages Using alloy keel, the configuration quantity is small, which not only ensures the load requirement, but also reaches the standard of safety and reliability, improves the construction efficiency, reduces the labor intensity and reduces the material cost input. The alloy keel of the new system has three vertical layouts, with the maximum longitudinal spacing of 1100mm and the maximum transverse spacing of 700 mm. After casting experiments in this range, the flatness has reached the excellent quality inspection standard.
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