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YDX new template support system live report! Yi Dingxing joined hands with China Construction First Bureau Group to create high-quality projects
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       Under the background of China's vigorous advocacy of green environmental protection and overall improvement of engineering quality, our company has invested a lot of manpower, material resources and financial resources after YDX new steel and wood keel, combined with the construction characteristics and requirements of China's housing construction projects, and the opinions of on-site construction technicians, independently developed and mass-produced YDX new formwork reinforcement system, which can save 20% of funds and 25% of labor for construction enterprises compared with traditional construction technology.
       China Construction First Bureau took the lead in adopting YDX new formwork support system in Wuxi project, which improved construction efficiency, shortened construction period, improved civilized construction degree, realized green construction, and achieved excellent engineering quality.
       YDX's new formwork support system has won unanimous praise from construction enterprises and workers' masters. They praised Yi Dingxing's products and construction schemes as time-saving, convenient, efficient and safe, and will continue to be popularized and applied in more projects.

YDX's new formwork support system supports the formwork to fit tightly, which is safe and stable

Advantages of YDX new formwork support system
1、Create high-quality projects and improve project quality:
       When YDX new formwork support system is used for construction, all technical indexes can reach excellent acceptance standard in the process of actual measurement of the structure. After formwork removal, the concrete surface is smooth and clean, and secondary plastering is not needed, which directly saves the cost of secondary plastering; The product is flat, hard to deform and durable.
2、High universality, high turnover rate and low cost:
       This product not only realizes the universality of wall keel and roof keel, but also reduces the product specifications. The fewer the product specifications, the higher the turnover rate and the lower the idle rate. The new support system of YDX template can be used continuously for more than ten years, and all products can be turned over 500 times, which greatly reduces the material cost.
3、Convenient construction, improving efficiency and ensuring safety:
       YDX's new formwork support system has completely overturned the traditional wood square assembling construction, and based on the simple, convenient and safe design concept, it can realize quick assembly and splicing, and can operate and construct without training. Scientific and reasonable product system combination ensures the uniform stress of the structural position during pouring and ensures the construction safety.
4、Special performance of products:
       The main keel of internal corner, which is simple to operate and durable, can stabilize the construction site more effectively, and there will be no phenomena such as mold running, mold expanding and slurry leakage; Yang angle connector can adjust the correct position of the construction site well, and ensure the smooth, vertical, firm and reliable construction site. In the basement and the L-wall and T-wall of the standard floor, the connecting fittings can be effectively stabilized, which solves the problems that are difficult to be solved in traditional construction.
5、Wide application:
       YDX new formwork support system is suitable for all shear wall structures and frame structures. At the same time, the supporting system of supporting pipe gallery engineering is also developed, which is suitable for all kinds of pipe gallery construction. YDX new pipe gallery support system has changed the expensive of aluminum alloy formwork and the heavy of steel formwork. YDX new pipe gallery support system has reduced the construction cost, improved the construction efficiency, and ensured the technical requirements of structural construction, improved the engineering quality and realized the new connotation of green construction.
6、The construction site is clean and tidy, and the green construction is truly realized:
       YDX's new formwork support system can be reused for more than ten years continuously. All products will not rust and corrode, and there will be no fire hazard. There is no construction waste in the construction process. Scientific and reasonable combination and collocation can ensure the clean and tidy construction site and save materials and replace wood to realize green construction.
7、High utilization rate and high economic value:
       One-time investment can be used continuously for many years, thus creating high economic value, reducing raw materials and construction costs, improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and ensuring project quality.
8、High residual value rate:
       YDX's new formwork support system has high residual value after years of recycling.
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