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YDX steel wooden keel supports the largest railway station in Asia
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       According to the plan, Xinfeng Station is located between the West Third Ring Road and the West Fourth Ring Road in Beijing, with a building area of 398,800 square meters, the highest gathering number of 14,000 people and the winning bid price of 7.244 billion yuan. According to People's Railway Network, Xinfeng Station will become the largest railway station in Asia after completion.
       Fengtai Station adopts flat roof with colonnade, integrating railway, subway, municipal, public transport and related supporting facilities, with four floors above ground and three floors underground, and adopts double-layer parking lot design of general speed parking lot and elevated parking lot.
       In the construction of the largest railway station in Asia, the construction unit, China Railway Construction Engineering Group, adopted the patented products independently developed and designed by our company ——YDX new steel and wood keel and YDX new formwork reinforcement system, which realized green construction, efficient construction and standard construction, and provided a strong guarantee for completing engineering tasks on time and with high standards.
China railway construction engineering group Xinfeng station projects department
YDX new steel wooden keel is neatly installed on the formwork
YDX new steel wooden keel is neatly stacked on site to meet the installation of workers' masters

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