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Ingenious design-male corner connector
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The third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system




Detailed explanation of the third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system
       1. Rugged and durable: The inserted male angle connector is made of cast steel, strong and durable, with a life span of more than 20 years;
       2. One installation, N use:
       (1) Insert the male angle into the main keel and install the fixing bolts. The wire nut should be in the opening inside the main keel. The bolt cap and the wire nut should be stuck on both sides of the opening of the main keel to prevent the male angle from falling off.
       (2) It only needs to be installed with the main keel when it is used for the first time. It can be carried together with the main keel and used multiple times without losing accessories.
        3. The yang angle can be disassembled: it does not affect the use of the main keel in other parts, which is convenient for packaging.
       4. Design the opening and closing angle seat:
        (1) Bolt connection and reinforcement. Nuts can be tightened according to the size when closing the mold, and the verticality of the template can be flexibly adjusted with high accuracy.
        (2)It is not necessary to dismantle all the wire mother when removing the mold, just loosen the nut to remove the screw from the opening, which is very labor-saving and convenient.

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