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Ingenious design-female corner connector
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The third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system

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Detailed explanation of the third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system


product advantages:
       1. Made of angle steel:
       The female angle connector is made of custom-made angle steel, and its wide side is the same as that of the main keel.
        2. Unique outer corner design:
       The female corner connector is designed with an outer corner. The outer corner is a cast steel piece welded to the angle iron, which can clamp the vertical keel at the female corner to ensure that the vertical keel firmly supports the formwork. The concrete is shaped at a 90-degree right angle. (Only one vertical keel is needed at the female corner, and four-face steel-wood keel should be used).
       3. Cap with cap, in one step:
       The female corner connector is provided with a double row of holes matching the main keel, and the capped pin can be inserted. Cleverly solved the problem of connection and fixation of angle iron on the main keel steel pipe.
       4. Convenient installation and disassembly:
       During construction, it is very convenient to put the female corner connector on the main keel. It is very convenient when it is inserted into the wall bolt. The outer corner is stuck on the vertical keel and the nut can be tightened.
        5. Adjustable function:
       The adjustable length is 0-25mm, and the configuration of the main keel model is more flexible.
       6. Long service life:

       The female corner connector is resistant to falling and deformation, extending the service life and improving the turnover rate.

Note: The main keel connector is also made of female angle connector with the same specification angle iron, with adjustable function, double rows of holes, just insert the capped pin.

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