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YDX new formwork reinforcement system

Adopt YDX new formwork support system, save 90% wood, standardize main components, strong practicability, high utilization rate; realize new connotation of green construction.
  • Crosshead

    Specification model: 40mm*20mm; length of cross arm: 600mm; cross arm at the wall can completely replace the wall bolt. High verticality, high flatness, simple and practical.
  • Female corner ..

    One-piece female angle connector for convenient construction and material saving. Specifications and models: 50mm*75mm, 6mm thick; 450cm length of the two arms of the female corner, interleaved weldi..
  • Male angle lock

    The male angle lock only needs to be installed once, and the entire building is recycled, greatly reducing man-hours. Specifications and models: 50mm*70mm; thread into the T-bolt rod, install the nut..
  • Wall main keel

    The main keel of the wall adopts a 5*7 wall thickness 3.0mm rectangular single tube design, which basically meets the use of various shear wall lengths, no connection is required, the weight is 4.2 k..
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