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Yi Dingxing Company has successively developed YDX formwork new reinforcement system, YDX new steel-wood keel, YDX new large column mold system, YDX new alloy main keel, special early dismantling head, new U bracket and other series of patented products to provide customers with efficient, Energy-saving and environmentally-friendly new construction turnover materials, so that enterprises can achieve the purpose of reducing energy consumption, reducing costs and improving work efficiency. Taking technological innovation as the guide, they have always been in the leading position in the industry.
  • The third gene..

    Adopt YDX new formwork support system, save 90% wood, standardize main components, strong practicability, high utilization rate; realize new connotation of green construction.
  • The third gene..

    YDX new formwork support system is suitable for all shear wall structure and frame structure engineering. At the same time, it also develops a supporting system for pipe corridor engineering, which i..
  • YDX new steel-..

    It is a new product that replaces traditional wood. It is currently a domestic advanced combined steel-wood composite keel. It is a new type of eco-friendly product. It can save 90% of wood in practi..
  • YDX multifunct..

    The traditional column hoop is heavy and heavy. The new column hoop developed by Yi Dingxing has light weight, easy installation, and high load strength. This column hoop adopts joint connector desig..
  • YDX bridge spe..

    The new system alloy keel has 3 vertical layouts, with a maximum vertical spacing of 1100mm and a horizontal maximum spacing of 700mm. After casting experiments within this range, the flatness has re..
  • The third gene..

    YDX new formwork support system can satisfy the buyer, the construction party, and the final party A. Eliminate woodwork, control project costs, improve work efficiency, and achieve high standards of..
  • The third gene..

    The product is made of high-quality hot-dip galvanized steel. The construction site is neat and orderly, which guarantees the technical requirements for structural construction, improves the quality ..
  • Main keel conn..

    Specification of connector: 50mm*75mm; length of connector: L680cm, thickness 6mm; function of connector: horizontally connect the keel and the connector with pin pieces, and fix the limit connection..
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