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NO.2-Not the goal pursued by Yi Dingxing
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The third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system

Light weight  Easy to operate  Long life  Low cost
一、Product advantage:
       1、Improve the forming quality of concrete surface: improve the flatness of concrete on wall surface and roof, and ensure that the angle between yin and yang is 90 right angle, which can reach excellent level.
       2、Reduce energy consumption and cost: save wood, have strong versatility, durability, long service life, improve material turnover rate and reduce the comprehensive cost of the project by 40%.
       3、Reduce labor intensity and improve work efficiency: The system is light in weight, small in models and total amount, convenient to assemble, disassemble and carry, time-saving and labor-saving, and can improve work efficiency by 40%.
       4、Civilized construction: the site is clean and tidy, which improves the civilized construction degree.
       5、Green environmental protection: this system conforms to the concept of green construction and green environmental protection strongly advocated by the government.
二、Technical advantage
       1、This system is practical, and the front-line workers are easy to understand, learn and operate.
       2、With product enterprise standards and construction technical regulations (construction method).
       3、Have a mature technical team and provide high-quality services.
       4、Provide complete construction scheme, including material layout, room details, material summary table, design scheme specification and technical disclosure specification.                                  

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