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Beijing Yidingxing Group grandly launches YDX multi-functional column hoop
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Beijing Yidingxing Group
The third generation YDX new formwork reinforcement system

Multifunctional column hoop articles

Product advantages:
       1. This column hoop adopts joint connector design: the joint connector is made of channel steel and can be installed on the main keel.
       2. Labor saving: light weight, effortless handling.
       3. Labor saving: simple and fast installation and disassembly.
       4. High cost performance: low cost, low investment, long life, strong and durable.
       5.High turnover rate: the main keel of the 600-800mm large column mold is common to the main keel of the roof; the main keel of the 200-500mm column mold is common to the main keel of the wall panel; avoid idle materials.
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Beijing Yidingxing
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